Wednesday, January 25



Today was such a LONG day. Eight hours with no break makes Sarah a tired girl. I pulled this outfit together last night at like midnight after getting back from a whirlwind trip to Richmond at like 11:15pm. The need for sleep made me shun my new "sink or swim" color plan and I went to the basic gray. But the stripes and the polkadots made me feel like I was still having some fun with my outfit! I'm unsure whether I'm going to hold onto this dress for much longer. The cut seems a bit juvenile on me--I feel very babydoll in it.

Although, looking through my archives, I do see that it serves as a good layering piece. Also, belts help a lot! I guess I'll hold onto it for a bit longer... I just realized that both the dress and the shirt underneath are from high school! I hold onto my clothes forever :)! The tights are newish but the have huge runs in them. See them? No you don't because I layered black tights underneath and now I've solved the problem of these tights! Hoorah!

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  1. ahh you can't get rid of this dress, you wear it all the time!


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