Thursday, September 16

the rain in spain falls mainly on london...

See the head of the man in photo two? It's impossible to be alone in London. One thing I miss about home is my many (20+) sweaters and fall coats. I only brought one true fall coat (the above windbreaker/raincoat). It does it's job but it's emblazoned with my university name. Oh well, it's warm and it was free! I'm officially past the half-way mark for my month of no shopping challenged and I can honestly tell you I have not felt the urge to buy anything--from Primark, Topshop, Zara, Uniqulo, and any other box store. I have felt the urge to visit thrift stores and flea markets. I think this month has proven to me that my days of buying new new clothing are over and done with. Coolio, eh?
I enjoy layering immensely (it's the best way to create new outfits out of limited pieces). See the peter pan collar and how it changes the simple gray dress into something much more interesting? I love it. Oh, and meet Franks new lens. It's a BEAST!

hot kiss silver blouse.
victoria's secret gray dress
white tights
black hand-me-down boots.
white thrifted belt.

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  1. I'm really tempted to buy new clothes because everything I own seems frumpy and limited. Then again from what I can tell, style here is frumpy regardless- large fisherman sweaters, tea dress floral, chunky boots etc. It's paradoxical that something that is known as frumpy only makes me feel frumpier haha


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