Thursday, January 13

girl, you wanna come to my hotel

Oops. I vanished again. Let me get explanations out of the way: first I was in Paris, then I was freshly arrived home and visiting with all the friends I hadn't seen in four months, then it was New Years, then Boyfriend and I went away to celebrate our anniversary, then I got a stomach flu, then I moved into my new apartment, and finally, school started up. That's a hell of a lot going on in two weeks and on top of all that, my computer is still missing several keys (making it impossible to type) and there is no internet at my new place.

I have a million pictures to show and stories to tell but for now I'm going to keep it simple and post what I like to call "hotel fashion". I snapped photos of a few of the outfits I wore while traveling with my parents. Since I am amused by them I thought I'd share them with you all. Also, I'd like to prove that I still where clothing/stylish outfits.

This gray dress is a favorite of mine and because it was freezing (literally) I layered a simple black long john thing underneath.

I wore this dress with my leather jacket as a blazer and an overcoat over that--I'm not crazy.

Perhaps one of my favorite Paris outfits. I'm wearing my dad's motorcycle boots because my trusty brown boots fell to pieces the minute I arrived in Paris.


  1. this is a really fun series

    your dad's boots are awesome

  2. I think you should never give him his boots back


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