Thursday, January 26

buttoned up


My boss passed this sweater on to me about a month ago and I swear I've worn it a dozen times, never photographed and only ever backwards! I love the color and I especially love the buttons up the back. The skirt is also passed down to me from the same boss and it is lovely and swirly and chiffonish. Perfect.

I spent my commute today reading through my gardening book trying to figure out what I am going to plant this summer. I'm thinking beans, tomatoes, peppers (at least one), spinach (several batches), and maybe some herbs indoors. I would like to grow some edible flowers as well as marigolds. I searched through my flickr archive and found a few photos from last years garden. I didn't do much research before planting my few tomato plants but I still harvested throughout the summer and into fall. Hopefully with careful planning this year my balcony garden will be even more bountiful!

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