Friday, January 27

one girl, two bows, three colors


Today's ensemble is super impressive for me because of two reasons: a) my hair is in a bow and since I normally wear my hair in three specific ways (pony tail, bun, low ponytail/bun) this shows a huge improvement in my hair-skill; b) my first voyage into colorblocking proper! Light pink cardigan (purchased in Oslo), salmon/orange blouse (hand-me-down from my roommate), and red jeans ($5 at wet seal like three years ago). It was a pretty gray day in my part of the East Coast and I felt like a little ray of sunshine as I ran my errands and went to work.

Before work I went to the library and picked up the book "French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure" by Mireille Guliano. Now, I know (most days) that I'm not fat but I do have huge (understatement) guilt issues associated with eating... food...of any kind. The issues have gotten a lot better as I've grown more comfortable with being me and being my size and loving my body no matter what. However, I believe there is always room for more knowledge and for more understanding--and of more recipes, of which this book has tons. I'm only on chapter three but I'm already hooked and seeing Mireille's food perspective as a healthy alternative to the beating-myself-up-over-eating-a-chocolate-bar way of life I've led. Also, any woman who agrees that a glass of red should be served with lunch has the right idea in my book.

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