Monday, July 5

read and white

Hello there, I decided to post this outfit (worn June 29th) today in celebration of yesterday's holiday. I did in fact wear red, white, and blue but I did not take a photos of my outfit so I offer this one to you instead:
June 29: read and white
I've mentioned the fact that I find my job constricting to my daily outfit choices but I'm not sure I've explained. See, my job is to sell my university. I give tours to potential students and I feel that if I'm wearing some of my wackier outfits that I could turn kids away from my school. Part of this may just be me being silly but it's something I worry about. So lately I feel my work outfit's stagnating.
This outfit looks very work-like. What could be more 9-5 than a pencil skirt? However, with my thrifted 'where's waldo' shirt and a miss-matching stripe belt I felt a very me!
June 29: read and white
I rarely wear make-up (longer story later) but I did today and wanted to show off. Unfortunately, by the time I took this photos it had been a long hot day. Also unfortunately, this photo shows my lovely scar tissue from my industrial piercing. I had this pierced two years ago, right after my freshman year of college, and I was silly and irresponsible and didn't clean it properly. Lesson learned: if you don't take care of your piercings you will get scar tissue.
June 29: read and white
These photos were, as usual, taken by my darling Boyfriend (shown here making faces at me). Do you mind if I tell you one of my favorite things about Boyfriend? No? Oh good, well here goes: he reads!
June 29: read and white
This is such a simple thing but so awesome to me! I am a total bookworm but before Boyfriend none of my previous relationships had been with readers. Let me tell you, there is nothing more satisfying then being able to exchange books with your love.
June 29: read and white
The books here are Wizard's First Rule, a sci-fi/fantasy book with wizards (obvi) and The God Delusion, lent to me by my lovely boss it's all about atheism and proving that god doesn't exist. An interesting read.


  1. I've heard good things about the God Delusion, let me know how it is

    your skirt looks fantastic on you

  2. What a lovely comment you left on my blog! Are you in Richmond? I miss is terribly! I'm so happy you liked my Millions essay (as you can see, it got sort of trashed in the comments, haha, but then I guess all press is good press, right?). I'd love to link to your site if you're interested -- my man and I do photography in a very amateurish but satisfying way. I've always wanted to read The God Delusion. Mayhap I'll pick it up now!



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