Friday, April 9

little girl, little girl, you blow my mind

wet seal tutu skirt; kohls tee; kenneth cole gladiator sandals, ebay bloomers

This is the second time I've worn this skirt. Last time I wore it with gray tights; this time I maintained my modesty with a pair of bloomers. The lace peeked out a little and I like the look a lot. It's good to give little used clothing items some wear.

These photos, as most of my photos, are taken by Boyfriend. He takes my photos almost every day and I don't know what I'd do without him. It's become such a habit that I forget to thank him for it. So here's this public thank you! You are the best friend and photographer a girl can ask for. If I ever get rich/famous I'll take you with me ;).


  1. Your tutu skirt is adorable! Great outfit!

  2. love it, so perfect

  3. Thanks for the comment. I love that skirt...

  4. Beautiful skirt. I love the layers!


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