Thursday, March 25


(everything is thrifted, docs were found on ebay)

Every time I wear this dress I get odd looks. I think it's because I tend to style it like a nineties flashback. I know I had Amelie and grunge in mind when I put this on in the morning. I love the long lines and the way the dress is reinvented as a skirt. I added the docs because a) they are my only black boots with laces, and b) duh, grunge. Despite the looks, I love this dress and I love this outfit.

Oh, my roommate invited me to lookbook so I joined. You can find me here. I'm not sure how often I'll update because... I'm not sure how I feel about lookbook (no one smiles)! Still, it was nice of her to ask me, thanks Brittany.


  1. I think you look just fine, you're right to ignore funny looks!

  2. Yeah! :D

    Btw, I liked this look that day! :)


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