Saturday, January 16


(shirt, belt: thrifted; dr martens: ebay; skirt: f 21; glasses: hot topic.)

I love these glasses but I only wore them or the photo shoot. Later that night, after I'd changed, I put them on and in the first five minutes out of my room I got three compliments!! I think I'll have to wear these more often; much to Boyfriend's chagrin. These are the only things I own he's embarrassed of--and I own weird things!

I felt like a flower in this skirt, i love the poof! I kept having to check that it was pulled down in the back because you can't feel it.

These glasses and the forever 21 hairbow are my favorite accessories right now. If you're in the NoVa area, how amazing is this weather? I'm so sad it's going to get cold again!


  1. i love poofy skirts too :D

  2. I totally love the mix of patterns and textures here. That skirt is fantastic!

  3. you should see what its like with your new tutu under it, you might get that cute little bit of pink sticking out the bottom, and then it would fill out the open part under your skirt so you don't feel as if you need to keep pulling it down :)


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