Thursday, January 14

it's not easy being green

(blazez, skirt, belt: thrifted; tee: unknown; boots: hand-me-down)
I love this skirt.

How awesome is this fox detail on the buttons?

The back of the jacket is cut longer than the front.
I think (hope) it was like a hunting jacket from England!
It was made in London and I feel it could have originally been used for riding.

When you have a hippie skirt you are required, by law, to spin in circles until you're dizzy. It helps to have a photographer on hand to capture the twirl-twirl-twirl.


  1. that is a really great jacket! I love the fox buttons

  2. That jacket is adorable, I love the buttons.

  3. Adorable! wonderful skirt and blazer! Oh and those button; so cute!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon


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