Thursday, January 14

i'm a super sonic rocket ship

I have an amazing boyfriend.
I have no close girl friends.
Are the two mutually exclusive?

Is there a dating site for friends?
Can I make a profile:

"Hi, I'm Sarah Yvonne.
I love tutus, photography, adventures, and thrifting.
I'm looking for a like minded girl to be best friends with."

Or should I just start bribing people.

"I have chocolate. Want some?"


  1. It is a really great one! I love the color, especially with the color of your tank top.

  2. Hey girl! I don't have girlfriends either. Haha, don't worry. ;)

  3. haha I just read the part you wrote above it, I agree their should be a dating site but for friends. I'll be your close girl friend :)


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