Tuesday, June 29

the dream king

light and dark
light and dark
light and dark
light and dark
A week or so ago, I was at home and found myself unable to do the chores I'd planned on doing (stupid elbow). In between episodes of Bones I was struck with inspiration and pulled out these dresses from my closet and took a few photos in my backyard. I like the fairy tale aspect of the photos and was glad to rediscover these dresses! I am very amused by the photo with the white dress where I actually GLOW (I'm very pale). The black dress is/was my mothers and the white dress was my graduation dress from high school. It really is a beautiful dress and I will have to take more photos soon.

You may recognize one photo from my new header:

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  1. Love the dresses!

    And you new layout is pretty! <3


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