Monday, June 28

white house//black shutters

June 14: white house/black shutters
June 14: white house/black shutters
June 14: white house/black shutters
I've just given up on uploading photos in any order or on time (I wore this to work June 14th). I did love this outfit! This skirt is a staple and when I thrifted this shirt I knew I wanted to be very classic. I had been percolating the idea of using this belt as a bow for awhile and I'm really glad I did! I think it turned out lovely.
June 14: white house/black shutters
Photos are thanks to Boyfriend, as always. I'm uploading my blog sitting next to him at work. Boyfriend works the night shift for campus safety at my university. When we first started dating I would come visit him and sit with him in the wee hours of the morning. I worked for campus safety for a semester and most of the time we were stationed together. Last semester I rarely visited him at work because I started trying to have a regular sleep schedule and this summer I work mornings at 9 so working with him is uh-uh (he starts at midnight). I've really missed sitting with him. Right now we're watching Alias (yay public libraries). I'll probably put together another blog post about our Sunday adventures (they were fantastic) later today.

shirt: thrifted
skirt: h&m
bow: the belt from a sweater purchased at Kohl's
shoes: payless


  1. aww that's such a great story of how you two met!


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