Tuesday, June 22

badly bruised

June 15: Badly Bruised
June 15: Badly Bruised
I wore this a week ago to Boyfriend's little sister's graduation from high school. I love this dress. I bought it in New Orleans four or five years ago. I was on a mission trip to New Orleans and on our day of fun we went to a delicious restaurant famous for it's beignets. I have no idea what the boutique is called but I'm almost positive I could find it again if I was able to locate this restaurant (it's Cafe du Monde). This dress was fairly pricey for me back in high school but it's still one of my most favorite purchases.

I originally paired it with eyelet socks with my lovely platforms. As I was walking down Boyfriend's stairs I fell and landed on my elbow. Before I could stand it had swollen to the size of a quarter. I removed the socks and carried on. The next day, I went and had the arm x-rayed because it was so freaking painful. Luckily, it's not fractured only bruised. However, a week later and I'm still in pain. Probably because I keep trying to use my right arm. How do you lovely, fashionable ladies manage to trot around in socks and sandals? Am I just a klutz or is there a trick?

dress: little New Orleans' boutique
sandals: hand-me-down
socks: target (?)
June 15: Badly Bruised
June 15: Badly Bruised
I still think it's a cute look. Oh, and here's me looking rather goofy in a sling.


  1. ugg literally suffering for fashion, sorry you injured yourself, feel better!

  2. who says fashion isn't a dangerous job? lol although, I WISH it was a JOB! ha


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