Monday, June 21

travelin' days to come

May 21: Travelin' Days to Come
May 21: Travelin' Days to Come
May 21: Travelin' Days to Come
ph. Boyfriend.

I've been MIA. I'll explain tomorrow. I have all these photos I want to share but they are all safely on my camera and my connector cord is on campus; meanwhile, I'm at home trying to organize my old room. I received my new passport from the US Gov. last week! Soon I'll be sending off for my visa. I can't believe how fast summer is flying by.

I wore this outfit on May 21st, to travel down to Richmond. I still have a bunch of photos to upload from then.

Happy Summer Solstice! According to my Grandmother, solstice was at 7:28 this morning.

sweater: gift from Boyfriend
shorts: american eagle, maybe
tights: kohl's
bow, boots, suitcase, shirt: thrifted

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  1. love that suitcase :) and I went to the Edward Sharpe show and it was amazing!


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