Wednesday, June 30

a historic downtown Saturdate

Saturday was a day of Adventure (note the capital A). We started the day with lunch at noon and from there we headed to the NRA Museum. This was totally for Boyfriend; as you can tell from my pictures--they are from all things non-gun related. It was actually pretty interesting and we were only there for an hour. They had a special exhibit on guns from Hollywood. We saw the guns and lightsabers from Star Wars and the gun the Joker used in Batman and other famous guns. That was pretty cool!

The couch was just begging to be posed on;
unfortunately, this was the only picture that turned out.

My favorite things were non-gun related.
Like giant animal heads!

After the museum we drove to Manasses and stopped here:

Then we checked out a few used book stores. Prospero's was beautiful but I really lucked out at McKay's Used Books (photos of my goodies to come).

I love tiny, used book stores where the shelves are like a maze you have to wander through to find your treasures.

Books I would have bought had they not been $50.

After I determined that the store did not have Neil Gaiman or Francesca Lia Block, I got a little bored and camera-happy. Boyfriend, of course, kept browsing!

As always, a bookstore cat!
It seems to be quite common for used book stores to have cats.

We stopped at an antique store and almost purchased these (not) and I didn't buy a really pretty ring (saving my money!)

Old Town Manasses is really pretty but only about six blocks in total.

Dinner was at Secret Thai. The food was prepared quickly and was pretty good (but made better by the speed at which it reached our table).

It was a beautiful day.

This upcoming Saturday, we're going on another date!
Outfit photos to come, once my flickr resets itself (I reached my monthly limit).


  1. In my house I think I want a room to look like a tiny used bookstore- It will probably be a fire hazard (my Dad always fusses about fire hazards) but it will be amazing <3. p.s I want to go there with you one day!

  2. I love your outfit here, how cute are you two!? :-)

  3. This looks like the perfect day, really. I love those old book stores with their slightly dingy smell and roaming cats. Sigh, I need a road trip - SOON!

  4. never knew there was an NRA museum, but I guess that isn't too surprising, glad you had fun

    Thai food is always remarkably speedy its almost scary haha

  5. I see that you posted all the pictures of the random stuff at the Firearms Museum. Your blog needs more gunz!! :-)



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