Thursday, July 1

lace on a date

June 27: lace on a date
June 27: lace on a date
June 27: lace on a date
On Saturday, the weatherman was predicting temperatures over 100 degrees. Yikes. I knew I wanted to wear something cool. I've been experimenting with this lace bodysuit and decided to give it a try! You can't get much cooler than lace! I paired the bodysuit with this lovely white skirt to make the look a little sweeter. I feel like a lace bodysuit has a certain edge and I did not want that in my outfit. I have to say that I'm rather please with the look. Although, next time I will be wearing a tank top under the bodysuit--I was a little uncomfortable with the bareness of it all. Ignore my face in the last photo, I wanted to show you the bodysuit.
Today, I spent the day ill in bed and was unable to go to work. I hate that because I really do love my job. Yesterday, I was very productive and completed the online portion of my student visa! I made an appointment for next week to go in for biometrich testing. That's not as sci-fi as it sounds; they're just going to fingerprint me and take my picture. I leave for London in exactly two months! Oh my.

lace bodysuit: forever 21
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: left at my birthday picnic
shoes: payless
watch: fossil (birthday gift from my love!)
bag: thrifted

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  1. I love that look you created!!! I have a sheer brown lace tank top but I haven't worn it out yet. In that last picture the top seems to have a nude liner so you could probably get away with it if you wanted! ^_^


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