Friday, July 2

A Month too Soon

June 4: A Month too Soon
June 4: A Month too Soon
Well hello there perfect Fourth of July outfit. Too bad I wore you on the Fourth of June. A completely unimportant and insignificant date, when compared to the following Fourth. Alas, this is a case of outfitting-too-soon. I did enjoy wearing this outfit when I wore it (almost a month ago, geez. I'm very slow). I wore this (like so many of my outfits these days) to work. On this day my sort-of-boss made fun of my braids and one of the admissions counselors (the one who I most admire for her style) complimented me on always being so put together. The compliment more than canceled out the teasing.
Look, look at my shoes! I found them in Richmond when I was visiting Emily. She tried them on first because she said they would be perfect for swinging (the dance not the other thing). Unfortunately, for her, they didn't fit quite right. Emily was very insistent that I buy them though. Since they were only 2$ I was more than happy to oblige her. The brand has been worn from the inside of the shoe so if any of you know anything about them I'd be happy to know! I love these shoes and their little heel, they are perfect for work and perfect for this skirt.

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  1. your shoes are so cute! And I think I may have that skirt, but I've never styled it that way, love the look


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