Thursday, May 20

meow meow meow so much

May 20: Mister Roger
May 20: Mister Roger
Hey dolls, I am a happy camper. Today was a good day. I gave a tour to a group of middle schoolers and heard back from the admission counselors that the kids loved my tour! How awesome is that :). From the mouth of babes! Tomorrow is Friday, always good, and then Saturday my love and I drive down to Richmond. I'm spending the weekend in Carytown with an old friend from high school. Look HERE for the last time I was in Richmond with Emily. Should I do another photo an hour post for Saturday?

How Mister Roger's is this outfit? Ok, a modern Mr. Rogers. Short sleeve shirt with a collar with a sweater over top! It's a modified Mr. Rogers and I love it! There is a rumor that the reason he never wore short sleeves is because his arms were covered in tattoos. Any one have any proof for either side of the argument? Tonight I'm doing laundry (finally) and watching Bones (I started season two today). I may go to the gym at 9. I really should.

OH! If you've been asking me questions on my formspring I answered a few right now. If you didn't know I had a formspring head on over! I'm working on building a FAQ for the blog; and I'd love to answer any questions you kids have! There is a link on the sidebar as well.

shirt: my dad's (oops)
vest/sweater: gift from Boyf's parents (aeropostale)
pants: urban o.

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