Thursday, May 20

Week 1: And So It Begins

My goal for Summer 2010 is to teach myself photoshop. This evening I took my first steps into the world of photoshop. I followed this tutorial. I found it very basic. It introduced me to a few of the basic tools and gave me a chance to get my feet wet a little bit. It also made me a little less nervous about experimenting with photoshop.

I would love any advice on beginners tutorials (especially free ones). Thanks.

-Sarah Yvonne


  1. wooooooooo yay!
    you'll love it!

  2. yaiy. i'm sure you'll havea fun time learning photoshop. :)

    looking forward for the update dear.

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  3. photoshop will be a fun goal to accomplish! :)

  4. Photoshop is amazing once you acquire the skills - don't give up!

  5. Karin (Wunderlust)April 9, 2011 at 1:01 PM

    Such a great goal! I want to learn too...I am definitely going to give it a try


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