Wednesday, May 19

art is not life

So for the past two weeks I have had a dreadful cough. A hacking cough. A horrible hacking cough. For a while I tried to romanticize it. I kept thinking of Satine in Moulin Rouge who was dying of tuberculosis and was coughing throughout the movie. The movie is terribly romantic and, because she is falling in love and dying at the same time, the coughing is terrible romantic.

I have, however, come to the conclusing that coughing is not romantic.
And, if you have TB you will probably die.


  1. haha hope you get it figured out and feel better

  2. haha what a weird connection to make!

    but seeing these pics made be realise how much i want to watch this movie again <3

  3. that movie is probably my favorite musical ever. Hope you get better soon :)


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