Friday, February 12

playing hooky

Yesterday, Boyfriend and I were finally driven insane from all the forced indoor-ness of the past week. We fled to Richmond hoping classes would be canceled today (well, he doesn't really care because he doesn't have Friday classes but he was hoping for my sake). Classes weren't canceled but I had an awesome day anyway! So awesome, in fact, that it inspired me to do a photo an hour post (something I have yet to do in the new year).

10 AM: Oh look, my bangs are working! Only took me 15minutes.

11 AM: Yogurt for breakfast; I love Key Lime Pie!

12 PM: Meeting a new friend, Boomer, the first calico cat I've seen in years.

1 PM: Lunch with an old friend from high school, my Belovery Valentine (BV). She had fajitas I had a Philly with steak, cheese, onions, and jalapenos. I'm drooling now!

2 PM: A bit of light thrifting. BV is actually the first person I ever went thrifting with and, to this day, one of my favorite people to thrift with!

3 PM: We went window shopping along Cary Street and I found my dream dress. Would anyone care to lend me $324?

4 PM: While I was driving home all I could think about was how excited I was for the day (in a year and a half) I would be moving to Richmond. I hope to rent my own little room in a beautiful duplex!

5 PM: Cupcakes with Kirsten (Boyfriend's sister).

6 PM: Top dress was a gift, belt is a hand-me-down, forever 21 leggings, urban o boots, and bottom dress is forever 21.

I felt that my all-black ensemble needed a little bunch so I threw on a gold belt and added a layer of sparkles at the bottom. I felt fancy (if bulky).

7 PM: I showed off my thrifted treasures to Boyfriend (who had spent the day shooting). I love elephants because they are lucky. I have a lucky elephant necklace and then this guy who called to me in Goodwill. He has already proved lucky--when I took him to the cash register his price tag said $8 but he was secretly 50% off! Any name suggestions?

8 PM and 9 PM: I spent many hours reading the top book (I finished the bottom book yesterday) and downing water from this massive bottle.

10 PM: I checked on my blog and caught up on all my reading while enjoying delicious Godiva hot chocolate.

This was a good day--much better than going to class (even though I love Creative Writing). Now, I'm off to finish my book and snuggle with Boyfriend. Happy Friday!

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  1. Love your style and blog x



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