Thursday, February 11

if only i had claws. growl.

Everything is thrifted
except the jeans (forever 21) and belt (old navy, a million yrs ago)!

This outfit was inspired heavily by Already Pretty's post "Wear Everything All the Time." I bought this faux fur coat in August and it has been hanging in my dorm (looking ever so lovely) ever since. I know fur is very cool and that's probably why I never wore it. I like it a lot but I feel like it is such a STATEMENT. I don't go to clubs anymore or really any place where one would wear a slinky dress so I felt like I didn't have a place to wear my fur. However, I decided to just do it!

Taking Sal (from Already Pretty)'s advice I combined my statement piece with a simple outfit: a cashmere sweater layered over a plaid button up, casual skinny jeans, and my new, very comfy, boots. I felt comfy, stylist, and warm!

I recommend wearing your favorite pieces! Thanks Sal.


  1. i'm diggin' that coat!
    & yeah, i totally follow your blog & actually read it. i love blogs && i have a huge list of fashion blogs if you're interested :]


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