Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

The challenge issued by my friend Katie was to dream up 12 ways to wear this dress for 2012. That was way back in January. Instead, I give you eight ways to wear this dress for Valentine's Day. It makes sense if you don't think about it. I probably would have more but the sun set. Oops.

KTs Vday 2012
Party Dress: Belt it short and tuck the excess fabric into a weird thing that could be stylish. Throw on super high heels.

KTs Vday 2012
Fairy tale: Dress with crinoline worn as skirt with leopard heels. I love how bright this one is!

KTs Vday 2012
90s Rock: Wear it as a tunic with my favorite (and oldest) jeans. Add some leopard and Renn Fest horns for added tuffness.

KTs Vday 2012KTs Vday 2012
Jump-er Joy!: I couldn't decided if I liked the bottom of the skirt peeking out more than the one without. This is especially fun because Katie was the one who fixed this jumper up for me when I thrifted it.

KTs Vday 2012
The Oracle: Yes this is super costume-y but I loved piling on gold jewelry and how ridiculous this dress looks when I let it just hang off me. Also, faux turbans are fun!
KTs Vday 2012
Business Appropriate: This blazer was in the closet when I moved in so I assume it was my grandmother. I love that it hides the blouse of the dress and instead I look like I just have a super neon pencil skirt--perfect for a Wednesday at the office ;).

KTs Vday 2012
Dance Party Baby: I scooped up this vest at the swap this summer and I love how it makes the sleeve look like baby bishop sleeves. The short skirt and fun sleeves make this a great party dress.

KTs Vday 2012
Grand Glamour: A silk jacket, gorgeous under-dress, and wicked high heels equals fun, fun glamour!

Happy Valentine's Day Katie (and friends!)!

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  1. Yay! I love the super bright second look (of course lol) and the dress looks great with the leopard heels!


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