Thursday, January 19

sink or swim: the hot pink edition


I scooped up this dress at the swap this summer because HOLY EYELIDS it's bright pink. It's a size 12 and 100% silk and I love the pink. I've decided I love color and I'm determined to wear them more and more and all the time. I've adopted a sink or swim mentality in my quest to be more colorful. I put on colors and then I leave the house so I can't change. Also, I put on a lot of colors at once. Today, instead of pairing this hot pink dress with a soft gray or a neutral tan I decided that mustard yellow would probably work best.

A nice leopard belt to bring the skirt in and a pair of pink leather loafers from the thrift store. The tights are from Tarjet. I love love the huge dolman sleeves that are created when I belt it high and let all the excess fabric just drape. Maybe one day i'll alter it but for now I'm enjoying the drape affect!

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