Sunday, February 12

shrimp tartine

shrimp tartine 2/11
shrimp tartine 2/11
shrimp tartine 2/11

Shrimps were on sale this past week so I snagged them. Part of increasing my cooking repertoire is buying things I've never tried before--but only when they are on sale. I saw a recipe for shrimp tartine in the French Women book and adapted it to my ingredients.

1 handful of shrimp (skinned and deveined--had to youtube this!)
1 apple (cubed)

Put the apple in a pan with butter melted in it. Cook and stir, splash generously with apple cider vinaigrette and red pepper. I took it off the pan when they were soft and set them aside.

Pour olive oil in the pan (just a bit) and drop in the shrimp. I splashed in a little bit more of the apple cider vinaigrette, some red pepper, a smidge of salt and black pepper. Cook until rosy!

Let cool to room temperature. I served it on top of regular whole wheat toast because I didn't have a chance to make fresh bread. I think it would be delicious on a crusty loaf. Yum yum.

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