Saturday, January 21



I love that for main components of this outfit were FREE! Both the sweater (an ann taylor factory piece) and the dress-cum-skirt (h&m garden collection) were swapped for and the belt was a secret santa present from a friend in England. There is an inch or so of snow on the ground today--our first snow of winter. It was rather pathetic--mostly lots of slush and ice. I decided that on such a gray/cold day I needed something BRIGHT to make an afternoon at work manageable. Cue: the blue sweater and floral sundress. I added the flower pin (from Michael's. Win.) to cover a small stain on the sweater and to add a third flower piece to my themed look.


Warm leather boots, two pairs of tights, and thigh highs made my walk to and from the metro totally comfortable! At work today I invented a super fun colorblock game to help me figure out ways to use my closet to colorblock successfully. I now have a list of ten or so outfits that are totally colorblocked. I'm stuck on what shoes to wear though. Most of my colored shoes are heels/flats and all I want to wear are these boots... Does it break colorblock to just wear brown or black shoes?

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