Sunday, January 22

colors but not really in block formation


Oops on the awkward faces in every single photo. I also realized that the (mostly) full body shots are not accurately focused. That's what I get for trying to quickly take outfit photos 5 minutes before I need to run out the door for work. Also I've been taking the photos with my camera balanced on a book on my bed because I left my tripod in the car. It's a delicate operation, let me tell you.

I really should have ironed this dress last night. I spent a few hours playing in my closet trying to come up with fun and colorful outfits and this was one of them! Pink and blue and orange and a really wrinkly beige! About halfway through my day I got to thinking that I had one thing too many: three bright colors, a collage of flower pins, ruffles, and lace tights? Then I went to dinner with my parents and my mom says she loved it and all was right with the world again.


I love these colors together! The light pink, the beautiful blue, the muted orange. They combine so well--surprise. Day two in a row for my big puffy flower pin; today I added two flower hairclips for a new look.

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