Monday, November 28

pushing boundaries


Oh hello, I've decided to blog again. && I'm back in an outfit that blows my mind because OMGPANTZ. My comfort zone is skirts, long skirts, dresses, shorter skirts, tights, layered dresses, and leather. If i'm wearing pants I'm wearing jeans or your basic black trousers (and ponte pants--I'm obsessed with ponte as a material). However, in the past few years I've accumulated (via thrift, etc) a rather large collection of cropped ankle trousers.

I decided to start my trouser debut with a very basic look. Silk blouse (Ann Taylor), trousers (Ann Taylor), sparkle jewels (F21 and White House Black Market) and boots (uh...?). Unfortunately, I had planned to wear different pants so I ironed these and then changed and didn't iron these so, mind the wrinkles! I think I want to tighten all these cropped trousers so they fit more snuggly around my ankles but who knows when that will get done; until then I will wear trousers all nice and loose-like.


Do you see how straight my part is? Magic.


It's good to be back. & Boyfriend graciously returned to his "photographer" position.

[edit: haha, I have worn my cropped trousers before! I wore them to my first post-grad job interview. I got the job, was promoted, moved to another company and discovered that my "fun summer job" had career potential. Great pants :D]


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Thanks kittens!

Sarah Yvonne