Thursday, December 1

last season


I brought a ton of laundry to the manfriend's house on Monday (free laundry helllllllyes). Before we left, he asked me if I had packed anything to wear Tuesday/Wednesday (sleepovers) and I scoffed, looked at my bags (actually one giant box and one pink tub), and said of course. Cue me getting dressed Wednesday morning and realizing I actually had nothing to wear....

This outfit was made up last minute and probably more suited for April than November (the pants definitely as I purchased them from the Gap this past spring) . My ankles were freezing every time I stepped outside. Also, unlike Jentine (of My Edit) who shaves the bottom three inches of her leg before wearing cropped pants, I did not shave because I did not pack a razor. Always classy friends, always.

I don't normally mind black and brown but for some reason wearing my black leather jacket (Camden Market) with the brown pleather belt (old navy, 10 yrs ago) and the shades-of-brown-bag (thrift) bothered me all day--didn't pack a different coat though so oh well! This lace blouse (thrift) is something I need to play more with because I've only worn it a few times since I purchased it a year or so ago.


Sometimes I try to be a smiley blogger :D

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