Wednesday, August 17

my birthday

I turned 22 on May 31st. Two weeks later I hosted my first high tea. It was fantastic. I had three types of tea (raspberry, english, and irish breakfast teas). I served B.L.Ts, avocado and cream cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly mini-sandwiches, and Italian chicken subs--everything was mini! I also had scones (made by my friend/future sister-in-law Kirsten), and pasta salad! For dessert there was rainbow cake made by me and decorated by Kirsten--without whom there would have been no party. Seriously, she kept me calm, helped prep food, decorated my cake, and generally rocked my socks off!
Stay tuned for photos of my fantastic, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, stylish friends! Everyone came, everyone dressed well, everyone stayed, everyone brought liquor ;). I love my friends more so very much!

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