Sunday, July 17

these are a few of my favorite things


I got home from a day of hanging with family (breakfast with Boyfriend, an afternoon at my Grandmother's, and dinner with the parents) with this incredible need for change! I spent an hour or so moving furniture around the apartment. The couch, the desk, the chairs are all rearranged and it looks really good! Ada and I have much more to do (we are getting a craft table, moving one big piece of antique furniture, creating art to hang) but these changes were really big and feel good.

I knew that we were going to be changing the apartment a lot so at the beginning of the summer I decided to photograph some of my favorite parts of the apartment!

1. Pretty dresses that used to hang on my wall.
2. Jewelry and miscellany that sits on my windowsill.
3. My favorite bookshelf in my bedroom. Filled with my prettiest books, shoes, and part of my camera collection.
4. My mom's blue glass head and the top hat Boyfriend gifted me our first Christmas together.
5. The dining room with fresh flowers and homemade scones.

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