Saturday, July 16

Looking for: the girl I used to be.


Now I'm grown-grown-gone. Working, paying bills, cooking meals, cleaning (haha). Steady, steady. I wear a pencil skirt, sensible shoes, and blouses seven days a week. My paycheck goes to verizon and harris teeter. I eat my vegetables. In bed before the clock strikes twelve and my carriage is parked before it returns to pumpkin-state.

I used to wear tutus. I danced until two and skipped class to sleep in. Coffee at noon and an afternoon of woods-walking, photo-taking, and Boyfriend-kissing. What happened to the fairy who sat on my shoulder and whispered wicked things that curled in my brain and drove me mad? No more sharp toys, no more chasing chaos, no more hangover-inducing all night parties where everyone curls up as the sun rises.

Where is the wild self-destructive glee in this grown up world?

this post brought to you by a possible-concussion, an overdose of coffee, and way too many fairy tales.

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