Sunday, July 24

for Norway


Oslo to me will always be a rainy fall day. A red painted flower shop across the street from a warm coffee and sandwich place where we sat until we could feel our toes again. There was a hotel room at the end of the line filled with efficient Scandinavian furniture and a beautiful urban sunset. At night we took the tram to the city and walked until we found a pizza place that had take out. Lit by streetlamps and the moon, I felt safe there. On our last day we went to a sculpture park that had a gold-lined path to Narnia and a skyscape that would make an atheist believe in god.

Oh Oslo, I will remember you as you were and will be; not as you are now--damaged and bleeding because of the destructive actions of a man whose mind is twisted by hate and whose eyes are blind to beauty. Oslo, I will remember you.

Beautiful, wonderful you.

My original Norway post.

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  1. beautifully photographed and beautifully written. my heart goes out to oslo.


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