Friday, July 29

vanity is me

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Summer is passing by so quickly, in a stream of days 100 degrees and higher. I sweat when I walk to work, I sweat while waiting for the bus, I sweat underground, and I sweat while I walk home. Although, I love walking home. If the sun is up I sip my water and take my time, turning the pages of my book. If the sun is down, I walk slowly and admire the houses and dream of living in my own. With a puppy curled at my feet, a cat on my lap, and a huge kitchen with homemade pizza and baked goods.

In the meantime (the time between renting and owning; living paycheck to paycheck and having savings), I work with clothes all the time. I am also playing with make-up! I haven't really worn make-up since high school but now I'm really getting into it. A little blush, some shadowing under the cheekbones, blue eyeliner! It's kind of fun. Also, newsprint nails! It took several hours to do them properly but I received tons of compliments.

We also eat dinner on the roof. Ada, Joel, Boyfriend and i. We sit up there and watch the sunset and eat food, drink wine, and laugh. It's good to have good company. It's good to live in a beautiful place. It's good with beautiful people.

The blue dress was my mom's. White lapels, white buttons, white flower. Perfection!

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