Tuesday, January 25



This outfit would be the perfect Valentine's Day date outfit. If I did Valentine's Day. I might do it this year. Last year, Boyfriend and I did un-Valentine's day stuff (like un-Birthday but more angst ridden). I gifted him a death metal CD sometime in January and he gave me a cozy sweater in the middle of the biggest snowstorm we'd seen in this area in 11 years. It was fun. This year I'm thinking I might want to do the whole Valentine's Day thing. Shower, paint my nails, get dressed up (more than usual) and go out for dinner and wine and kisses and that sort of thing. Or not. Still deciding. Too bad I won't be able to wear this outfit.

This is my hair after the first round of bleaching and hair dye (Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink). Because my hair was red before and red is the hardest to get out the tips and various sections weren't pale enough for the pink to take. The result was this strawberry-orange sorbet look you see here. I kind of dig it.

One last thing, see that cozy red scarf. It is almost twice as long as I am and was handmade by Boyfriend's sister, Kirsten, for me for Christmas. So very, totally amazing! Also, cozy and warm!

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