Monday, January 24

oh, andy

oh andy
oh andy

What is this? An outfit post? A post at all? Holy moly! I'm happy to say that I've discovered having blank walls in your living room and huge windows to let in natural light allowed me to create my own (ghetto) studio. I love it! I think I'm putting together interesting outfits and you guys are the only ones who see them. During the day I'm bundled up in coats and hats and gloves and scarves taller than me. It's really cold here.

Speaking of coats, today I wore my fur because, as I said, it's really cold. I realized as I caught a glimpse of myself in a campus window that with the newly blond hair and the giant fur and the skinny jeans and the ass kicking boots that I look a bit like Andy Warhol. It was disconcerting. I'll recreate the look in photos sometime soon for you to judge for yourself.

I'll talk more about the hair later, with photos that do it more justice. Stay warm!

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