Friday, January 21

black midnight cake

black midnight cake
black midnight cake
black midnight cake
I spent Sunday at my Grandmother's visiting and looking through family photos. A lot of the photos were of various birthday parties for my aunts and uncles when they were kids. In those photos there was a delicious cake on the cake tray with candles being blown out. After looking at 20-30 photos of cake I decided I had to have cake. My mom offered me the family recipe for black midnight cake and cake pans and a sifter.

On Tuesday, Boyfriend and I zipped down to my grocery store and spent our afternoon baking this delicious cake. It was the first cake I had ever made and it was so much fun! There are two layers of chocolate cake and it's covered with chocolate icing--also homemade. I decided to add the strawberries to make it a little prettier! I am excited to have a family cake recipe that I can make for my kids. I never had this cake when I was growing up though, all my cakes for the past 21 years have come from Pastries by Randolph.

Now I'm craving cake again!

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  1. It's so happy looking with the strawberries all alive and healthy looking ;)


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