Saturday, February 6

world's happiest Tadpole!

Do you want to know why?
Because Boyfriend is the BBE (best Boyfriend ever).
This sweater, this is a sweater I saw on Etsy and didn't buy because I was being fiscally responsible. I was very sad and went back to buy it but it was gone. Because Boyfriend bought it for me!!

That's sweet, yes; but not sweet enough to earn BBE.
Boyfriend didn't just give me this sweater.
Instead, right when the snow began Friday afternoon he surprised me with a scavenger hunt!

Sitting in my mailbox was the first clue!

We traveled to many places:
our cigar bench, Mo's scary staircase, and finally...

The place where we first exchanged "I love you's".
Yes, in a graveyard.

The last clue sent my back to my dorm where the sweater was hidden above my closet.
Boyfriend is sneaky.

What a perfect beginning to Snowmaggedon.
I love you too, Boyfriend.

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