Monday, September 6

the queen's consort

sept 6: the queen's consort
Oh, you know.. just me and Albert (beloved husband to Queen Victoria) kickin' it in Hyde Park! This monstrosity (the Albert Memorial) was built by Queen Victoria when Albert died. During World War II they painted all the gold black because they didn't want it to be a target for the Nazi' bombers. When the war was over there was a huge debate over whether it was disrespectful or not to re-gild the statue. As you can see, eventually they decided to re-shine Albert! It's an example of Victorian Era design and is really cool. I'll take more photos soon.
Sept 6: the queen's consort
Sept 6: the queen's consort
Surrounding the statue are four other statues that represent the Empire. This is Africa.
Sept 6: the queen's consort
Sept 6: the queen's consort
Little old lady behind the vase! This is over by the Italian gardens.
Sept 6: the queen's consort
These photos are from a few days ago (Friday) when my roommate, Carolina, and I decided to explore Hyde Park a bit. I've been back twice since then and plan to spend a lot of time in London's parks before the weather turns cold(er).
Sept 6: the queen's consort
Everything here is beautiful and crowded! Something like nine million people live in London. Walking down the streets you're liable to hear four different languages and twenty different accents. This best thing is that everyone is a tourist! Also, it's nearly impossible to do self-portraits. I'll have to get more comfortable taking outfit photos around people. Luckily, my roommates don't mind snapping shots of me!
thrifted red stripe shirt
thrifted flare skirt
hand-me-down boots
thrifted white belt
*photos of me by Carolina.


  1. Glad to hear you're getting along with your roommates! It's always nice to have someone to explore the city with!

    I love Hyde Park and just British parks in general. They aren't as groomed as Parisian gardens (the Tuleries is almost intimidatingly manicured), but not as rugged as many American parks. You can take a leisurely stroll and lie in the grass without worrying about being attacked by wildlife or yelled at by some security guard. I only saw a portion of Hyde Park last time I was in London, but I'd love to go back it was so quiet and beautiful.


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