Tuesday, September 7

three hours in Holland Park

Today between morning and evening classes my roommate, Carolina, and I walked to Holland Park. We spent the afternoon wandering the park and exploring all the sections.
So far, I like Holland Park best of all! It has so many different areas. There are sweeping lawns (like Hyde Park), organized gardens, old houses, secret paths lined with different trees (for example: a Chestnut Lane and a Lime Lane), a Kyoto Garden, a couple ponds, and an adventure playground (for children only).
One observation from London- there are a lot of really well trained dogs here! Every dog I've seen has been off his/her leash and wandering around a park. Also, they all seem to be purebreds.
I saw my peacocks and then on the walk back to class Carolina and I saw an Iranian store and popped in for an adventure. After a conversation in stilted English we ended up with a box of assorted pastries. My favorites so far are the cookies and the little things with a pink center!
hot kiss silver blouse.
thrifted flare skirt.
urban tights.
target socks.
hand-me-down boots.
thrifted brown blazer.
new look sunglasses.
*photos of me by Carolina (pictured w/ me above)p

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  1. I loved all the dogs in Hyde Park when I went!


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