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If you follow this blog or know me in person you have probably noticed that I own a lot of clothing. I do laundry about every month and a half and don't run out of things to wear. However, for this trip to London I packed a mere 22 items of clothing (including shoes) and have banned myself from shopping for the first month. The goal of this is A) a light suitcase, B) save some money, C) learn to use my clothing better.
I still stand by this experiment but HOLY MOLY I miss my closet at home. This is a picture I took of my closet before I left (to the right there is a box of shirts, in the center you see all my jeans rolled up, and I also have a dresser full of clothes).
September 4: Heading Abroad
This is what I'm working with in London (minus two pairs of boots). Charming, eh?
September 4: Heading Abroad
As I've walked around London these past few days I'm overwhelmed with all the variety of style. Here is a place where I could wear my quirkiest of outfits and no one would bat an eyelash! Yet, what did I pack? Practical clothing. Of my 22 items all but four items (a lace bodysuit, sheer t-shirt, and two band tees) are work appropriate. This does not mean they're not fun items that I love- but it does mean that I left a lot of my more 'standout' items back in the USA.
Part of me is very tempted to ask my parents to ship me a box of my favorites. In fact, I spent most of Saturday thinking about what I would have them send. But I decided not to. I have decided to stick with my no shopping for one month goal* and to learn to use my items in as many ways possible. I want to be creative with what I have because I plan to travel a lot and I like the idea of traveling light.

**Exceptions are: a over-the-shoulder bag that zips (mine doesn't zip and I'd feel far more secure w/ a bag that does) and a pair of cheap sunglasses (how did I forget a pair!)

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  1. yay, you made it and it sounds like you're keeping plenty busy and having a great time! A few of my friends who just landed in Europe are spending a little too much time on Facebook chat lately and I can sense they feel lonely, so I'm glad you're seeing the sights and diving right it!

    I'm in the midst of packing right now, by this I mean its more of a "mental" list, but I'm trying to bring practical clothing as well, that doesn't label me as super "American exchange student" haha. The weirdest part of packing for me is trying to figure out what to wear to the bar scene which I don't partake in at home. Especially since I've heard Brits are dressier when they go out hmm. Any tips on that so far?

    I think you should wait it out and experiment with your closet and if worse comes to worst, buy something. It will be A LOT cheaper than shipping stuff out.


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