Wednesday, May 12

what I almost wore

What I Almost Wore

This is taken in the changing room at Target using self timer. I took this photo because I couldn't figure out why this dress didn't work for me. On paper it's the perfect dress! It's white, a little sheer, a good cut, and the sleeves mean it would be work appropriate. When I tried it on though all I felt was {{wide}}.

I know I'm not wide. I have issues with my body but I'm coming to terms with them enough to say that I'm skinny. So why does this dress make me feel {{wide}}? It should be the perfect dress! It is so disappointing to look at something, fall in love, try it on and have it not work. It's not a matter of it not fitting, the fit was perfect. There is just something about this dress that doesn't work for me. Le sigh.

Does this happen to you?


  1. I'm pretty much as tall and lanky as they come lol, lamp-post, and them sort of dresses make me look wide too, so I wouldn't worry it's just the style of the dress.

    It sinchs in under your boobs instead of the waist, so draws attention to the upper body instead of highlighting a tiny wasit !
    I think these dresses are better for girls who are a bit bottom heavy and want to focus eyes on their upper body and cover the rest!


  2. I love Target, but sometimes the fact their clothes are so cheap is part of the reason why the fit isn't perfect, the materials and cut aren't as stellar as something a bit more expensive. don't get yourself down, frequently I have to go up a full size at Target and it still doesn't work

  3. um, you have the perfect body and you're so pretty don't ever think otherwise. and that dress looks great on you. You do not look wide at all.

    and um yes this happens to me a lot. ugh.

  4. it needs a big belt because the cinched in part under the bust is too narrow, especially for someone with as narrow a waist as you :) and the shape the sleeves and the v- neck make is probably helping with your "wide" feeling, the dress just needs styling- or you need the perfect dress and not an ok one ;) thats the great thing about fashion, there are always more options out there!


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