Wednesday, May 12

little black dress (with flowers)

May 6: The Perfect Office Dress
May 6: The Perfect Office Dress
ph. Boyfriend, thanks my love!

Unfortunately, the ISO on the top photo is very off so it's grainy. I loved the light streaming through the trees so much that I had to keep it. This dress is the perfect office dress (Lord and Taylor). It's one of my early thrifting finds and one of my favorite. I kept it simple today with just a black belt and red shoes for a pop of color. The distinctive pattern and cut of the dress kind of boggles my mind. I'd love some ideas of how to wear it! HELP my stylish blogging friends :)

I'm going to try to keep a balance of work outfits and play outfits. The office I work in is fairly preppy so I'm still feeling out what I can "get away with". I know you all won't want to see just work outfits so I'll try to have some fun with my style over the weekend and (after my birthday) at happy hour! My birthday is in 19 (I think) days! I'm excited to celebrate and Boyfriend put the invitations to my picnic in the mail today!

dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: payless


  1. I love the light effect coming through the trees too :)

    Really cute pics, love the blog


  2. colored sweaters! or layer plain colored skirts with details like lace under it, or pretend its a jumper- there are lots of things you could do with it!


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