Tuesday, May 11

long time no see

May Day
May Day
ph. Boyfriend, thanks love.

I really like the look of the blouse under the dress. It looks very spring to me! I'll be incorporating this into my work outfits (we're not allowed to wear tank tops). I wore this to my good friend Katie's May Day Fiesta. We ate dinner at Ikea and then enjoyed daquiris and mudslides at her house. It was a ton of fun wandering around and playing in the different "houses". I really love nesting! This was over a week ago! Yikes. I'm so behind uploading photos and updating my blog. Sorry guys.

I started my new job and it's going really well! I love talking to people and it's fun being in an office that's so busy! Boyfriend graduated on Sunday! I'm so proud of him. He was so handsome. We're both living on campus this summer so we moved from one dorm to another this weekend as well. His family was in town so we also went out to a delicious Vietnamese restaurant. It was a really busy weekend but so much fun! I have tomorrow off so I'll be posting a lot more tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me, loves! I really miss blogging regularly.

dress: thrifted
blouse: unknown
shoes: kenneth cole "reaction" via DSW


  1. the shirt under the dress is lovely

    great post

    will look forward to some more posts :


  2. No worries. I wish I could blog every day. But no one PAYS me to blog! haha


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