Friday, May 7

first day dress

May 3: First Day of My New Job!
May 3: First Day of My New Job!
ph. Boyfriend, thanks love.

Whoa. Sorry I vanished! This week has been so crazy. I started my new job as student ambassador for my university (this is my first day of work outfit)! I'm loving my job. I get to walk around in the sun and talk about why I love my university. It's been really great so far. It's also senior week so the majority of my friends have been on campus. I've been spending as much time as possible with them before they disperse into the grown up world. *tear*. I'm so proud of all of them but I'm going to miss them so much!

I'm moving into my summer housing tomorrow (I live on campus but in a different dorm) and graduation is on Sunday. I hope the next week will be a lot calmer. Once I've fixed my room the way I like it I hope to get on a gym schedule. I used to go three times a week but for the past year (damn) life has been so busy. Lately, my body has been telling me it wants to be active--I figure I should listen to it. Regular posting should resume soon. Thanks for being patient, kittens!

blouse: unknown
dress: old navy
belt: thrifted
shoes: payless


  1. love the ends of your hair!


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