Monday, May 3

casual thriftin'

So I left the house like this:
April 25: Casual Thritfin'
Stopped in one thrift store
and spent the rest of the day like this:

April 25: Casual Thritfin'
ph. Boyfriend; thanks love.

It wasn't a super drastic change but it made me very happy. I've been looking for a very casual hat to throw on for weekend adventing and haven't been able to find one. My head is huge, I mean huge (Boyfriend calls me tadpole; I've also been called pumpkin head--thx mom&dad). Anyway, my search isn't over because I want a broad brim hat but my thirst is satiated for now.

dress: urban o.
cardigan: unknown
shoes: kenneth cole reaction
necklace: unknown
purse: thrifted (may be for sale soon)
hat: thrifted


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Thanks kittens!

Sarah Yvonne