Thursday, May 13

hipster girlfriend

May 9: Hipster Girlfriend
May 9: Hipster Girlfriend
May 9: Hipster Girlfriend
ph. Boyfriend, thanks dude.

So... why do you ask are these photos not up to normal quality? A) The sun. B) I broke Frank. These photos were taken Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning was Boyfriend's graduation. The night before the gradation I'd washed his favorite dress (for me to wear not him) and hung it up to dry in my dorm room. The morning of his dorm room I scrambled onto my bed to get it down and somehow in the process Frank fell to the floor *crash*. Now his lens is broken. I can still use him but I have to physically hold the lens to the camera body and even then there is some light damage. I have yet to find out how much it costs to fix but hopefully not too much. Shit. :( This is just proof that I'm not ready to be a mother.

Anyway, back to the outfit. This was my third outfit of the day. First, the graduation outfit (photos to come). Second, the jeans and tee worn to move tons of boxes into my new dorm room. Third, this outfit. After moving Boyfriend and I went out to run errands (library visit!). I felt really grimy so I threw on something a little nice than torn up jeans. I kept it simple with black skinnies and a tee. I threw on boots, a sweater, and my new hat because it's cold in the D.C. area!

Boyfriend called me "hipster girlfriend" when he saw me. Really, dude? Really?

hat: thrifted
vest: mousevox vintage
tee: thrifted
jeans: pac sun (i think)
sweater: a gift from Boyf (bought from kennedyholmes etsy)
boots: thrifted


  1. I like this look! if youre the hipster girlfriend, hes the hipster boyfriend?

  2. I love the really suits you.

    and sorry about your camera lens.


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