Wednesday, March 17

gray is prettier than grey

(thrifted blouse, victoria's secret dress (worn under),
urban o. tights, thrifted boots)

I love this shirt. It is one of my favorite thrift store finds. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to style because, I'll admit, it's a few sizes too big (I know, you couldn't tell). I know I have a picture that inspired this outfit but I don't remember where I saw it. I do love how I felt when I wore this outfit. I felt tall and flowy, does that make sense? The photos I took didn't really translate how I felt. This is the only photo that made me look somewhat how I felt. Oh, these boots are also thrifted but I've only worn them twice because they are super tall (for a girl who only wears flats).


  1. very cute! I love your hair. I am a flats girl who wore heels today, too :]


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