Friday, March 19

weekend in the country

Over the summer I traveled to the little known town of Monterey (the one in Virginia not California). Boyfriend's family has gone there almost every year for forever. They rent this adorable house up in the hills and spend a long weekend there. I mentioned my trip last year but never actually posted any photos of it. I've decided to put up this photo-diary now because we're going back there tomorrow.

It's great to spend a weekend out of the D.C. area and to have some time to relax with my second favorite family. BUT! There's more (if you call right now. aha)... this weekend is Maple Festival! A whole weekend dedicated to all things maple sugar. I can feel the sugar high already! I'm so excited for the small town charm and the kitchy awesomeness of a festival. I'll take tons of photos (I'm bringing Frank and my new olympus film) and as soon as the sugar high wears off I'll upload.

p.s. For those who only follow me because I wear clothes and take pictures, don't worry. I'll be uploading a photo outfit tonight and I'll try and queue one up for the weekend

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  1. That looks great! Have fun and have a nice weekend!


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